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Decorative Plaster Repairs

Many times we've seen this type of problem.  A fancy, decorative plaster ceiling has suffered damage.  Sometimes from water, sometimes from fire, or even from renovations.  Aging too, can be a factor as the building settles, things can crack and break.  Here we have an older ceiling that was beautifully crafted, but now suffers from a huge hole due to an earlier renovation that is no longer required.  At Mr. Stucco, we can handle virtually any type of situation and invariably do a perfect repair.  Here's the photos and the story ....

Ceiling with Original Access Hole, Before Work Began to Repair

Renovated a very complex stucco ceiling. Absolutely beautiful. 
We had a gigantic square hole in the ceiling where we put an access-ability elevator in for my Dad before he passed away from Cancer. The ceiling was done 20 years ago by an Italian artist, our whole family was

After Repair, New Plaster Perfectly Matches Work of Original Italian Artiste! (click to enlarge)

upset that it looked like it would never be restored. It was intricate and the molding around the edges were pure plaster. We just didn't know anyone we could turn to, and we were looking at completely covering up the ceiling with your typical stucco work as nobody would touch it for restoration. I called Mr.Stucco, within 2 days they had it completely, and I mean you cannot tell the difference from the old and new, restored. The plaster molding was replaced with a properly set plaster like the original, seamless, and like I said an exact match to the original work.

I told them to put up pictures on their web site. During the work there was no dust whatsoever on anything around the house from them. They were clean, thorough, professional and friendly. They took the time to explain during the renovation about what they were doing and the techniques they were using. Our family is extremely happy that our living room has been restored, and would recommend Mr. Stucco for any ceiling work you might have. I am convinced that there is no one out there that could do that kind of job for the price they quoted. Fantastic value!  (I should buy shares in their company)

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