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At Mr. Stucco, we take your concerns very seriously, and always do so in a professional, timely and courteous manner.  It is our policy to ensure that every customer completely understands exactly what we can do for them and always go that extra mile to ensure that they are more than 100% satisfied.  

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Mr. Stucco Fixes Ceilings!

Ceiling Repair and Stucco

A lot of reviews simply point out the quality of the project and how great the end result looks like.  Well, in my honest opinion the quality of the job done by Mr. Stucco at my house was way above my expectations.  I called them 7:30 a.m. and they were already at work.  They came to my house that very same day, and started the project the next day.  Price-wise extremely reasonable and the project was finished in a very professional and timely manner.  The crew were very professional and carrying a big smile and very polite throughout the project.  All questions answered without any hesitation both by the management and the crew.  Well so far so good, however; what makes them one of the best, if not the best, is the fact that they stay with their clients even after the project is finished just to make sure that 100% satisfaction is achieved both by them and the client.  Even after a great service has been performed and they have been paid, there is always a possibility that the client may ask for some extra attention to the details.  That is what makes this company so different from many others.  They take that extra step to make sure that the client is fully satisfied no matter how major or minor their demands are.  Their quick and super fast response to my concerns after the project has been finished and their solution which made the project look even nicer is simply amazing.  There are few businesses that we, as consumers, can really count on.  Mr. Stucco is one of them. They simply take care of their clients. They honestly do.

Khosrow Abtahi

Ceiling Repair & Re-Stucco

We had a very difficult vaulted ceiling to repair - leaking causing flaking around the fireplace and the rest of the ceiling had previously been very poorly done.  The company was professional, reliable and most importantly, did a terrific job.  Once it was finished, the new california knock-down ceiling looked amazing and totally unblemished.

Jane in Etobicoke

Ceiling Repair

I needed my ceiling repaired in a hurry as I was putting my home up for sale.  Mike came to the rescue and sent a person within 1 day.  The person he sent was Les, who listened to my concerns regarding a mess (my home had just been staged that week) and came through with flying colours.  Les made sure the room was left spotless and he made extra effort to protect the rest of the house as well.  The ceiling job was perfect, looked like new.  I think Les is the best, Mike listened and did every thing possible to make this happen.  I could not be more satisfied and would definitely recommend Mr Stucco. 

Sue Wilson in Aurora

Fix Stucco Ceiling

The stucco ceiling in our family room was damaged from a water leak in the washroom above it.  We got a few quotes, and one day while driving we saw a Mr. Stucco van.  Called the number on the side of the van. An estimator came ove the next day and gave us a quote.  The quote was within the range of the other quotes we got.  We chose them to do the work because of the professionalism of the estimator and references on thier website.  We made the right choice.  The work was done very progessionally and with minimal disruption. Inspite of all the drywall removal, sanding and spraying there was not a speck of dust anywher in the house after they were done. Great job Mr. Stucco

Selma D'souza in Mississauga

Stucco Ceiling and Plaster Wall Damage

Raccoons dug 12 holes in our roof and allowed extensive water damage to our stucco ceiling and our plaster walls in several spots in the living roon and dining room.  Mr. Stucco was there the next day for an estimate and the job was completed before the week was out.  So neat, efficient and friendly...the team was amazing....and the work pristine.  They sprayed a new ceiling, repaired walls, damaged woodwork, even painted the whole room in one day. More than fair with the cost. We are thrilled. 

Judie McMillin in Etobicoke

Drywall/Stucco Ceiling Repair

We experienced a toilet leak on the 2nd floor of our home.  Water started dripping through a small crack and upon further inspection (pushing/prodding the hole) I uncovered wet drywall over a space of about 2ft x 2ft.  I cut out the wet drywall myself and then stared at a hole in my family room ceiling for several weeks, wondering how I could repair it to match the rest of the ceiling (after fixing the toilet of course).

After much consideration, due to the sprayed stucco on the ceiling, I felt calling a profoessional would be the best route to patch the ceiliing and hopefully provide a close enough match to not notice the damaged area. I did a quick search online and found Mr. Stucco.  They received good reviews from previous customers and their slogan said everything I was looking for (we fix ceilings!)  

I called Mr Stucco and they came out to give me a quote - one price for just patching and spraying stucco on the affected area and another price for fixing the affected area and then spraying stucco on the entire ceiling to blend in the patched area with the rest of the ceiling.  They recommended the entire ceiling approach as it would provide a seamless look, where the patch job would stick out due to the colour and stucco of the surrounding areas.  The price they quoted was fair given the required work and time involved to complete everything.

After taking a day to decide, I contacted Mr. Stucco and advised them I would go with the entire ceiling approach and they were able to set up an appointment the next day!  Mr. Stucco showed up (1 guy) and worked constantly from 8:30am-3:30pm.  After everything was completed it looked fantastic!  You can't even tell where the damaged ceilling/hole was before.  I was especially impressed with how clean everything was after he was done - with spraying stucco on the ceilling, I was a little unsure what things would look like after completion - but everywhere else was spotless! We are very happy and satisifed with the work of Mr. Stucco and would definitely call them again if we ever had a similar problem in the future. Highly recommended.

Brian in Ajax

Repair Hole and Stucco Living Room Ceiling

I was in the middle of selling my home and the shower started leaking.  The bathroom is just above the living room.  We had to stop showing the home and call in a plumber.  The job required that we cut a hole in the stucco ceiling. The shower was repaired but now I had a hole in the ceiling and potential buyers scheduled for showings the next day.  I called Mr. Stucco and explained my desperate situation.  They had someone over in hours to give me an estimate.  A few hours after that they had a crew in the house fixing the ceiling.  The gentlemen were polite and professional.  They worked overtime to finish the job for me. Needless to say the ceiling looks flawless!  After the showings we had an offer. 

I would gladly recommend Mr. Stucco to anyone who is looking to get the ceiling repaired.  Their service is A1 right from the phone call to the servicing. Thank You! :-)

Annette in Ajax

Repair Water Damage, High-Vaulted Ceiling Knock-Down

We had a very difficult repair to do around our chimney and through a narrow space.  Mr Stucco did a fantastic job repairing the area and then finishing the rest of our high vaulted ceilings in a beautiful knock-down finish.  They were on-time, friendly, and easy to work with. They were very clean, though we did have to take some plaster off of our walls and front door. 

Jenny in Toronto

 Basement Ceiling Stucco Repair/Re-stucco

I contacted Mr Stucco (Bromley Contracting) to repair the stucco ceiling in my basement family room.  A tenant who had previously lived in my property tried to paint the stucco ceiling, and large chunks of stucco fell off leaving the ceiling looking really shabby.  Mr Stucco sent out a person to estimate the cost of this repair at my convenience.  The estimator arrived on time and quoted me a very reasonable price.  He explained exactly what the price included, and to my surprise, there was no and I mean ZERO pressure to sign a contract or any other commitment to have the work done.  I was absolutely amazed that this company is so confident in their skill and expertise that they do not pressure the client for an order.  I decided to go ahead, contacted the company, and my job was scheduled.  Les, the stucco professional assigned to my job arrived on time, explained the process.  Together, we moved breakable items to a safe location, and then the work began.  The prep work was fantastic.  Everything was covered in plastic so that none of my personal items would be damaged.  I have two dogs and was advised to move them to another location in my home so that they would not be subject to fumes or dust from the work being done.  How many companies take the time to worry about the impact of their work on your pets?  The work was completed on time and on budget I am one very happy customer!

George Carr in Etobicoke

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